True Pacific producers are as diverse as the region itself, ranging from individually and family-run enterprises to relatively large-scale and internationally-renowned operations involving extensive networks and entire communities. While most of our producers employ traditional methods, many boast state-of-the-art premises and technology. All are dedicated to producing top-quality items which showcase the Pacific in a positive light.


To be eligible to become a True Pacific licenced producer you need to be able to answer YES to the following questions:

  • Are you producing high-quality items in the Pacific Islands or do you utilise core ingredients sourced from the Pacific Islands?
  • Are you looking to expose your items to a larger market?
  • Are you able to create a new product category or fulfil a market need such as coconut products (e.g. coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut cosmetics)? 
  • Can you provide export markets with consistently high-quality products?
    Are you able to supply the market with products in demand - this may involve repackaging products currently available to suit the consumer
  • Are you eco-friendly and support local people - even better!

For guidelines and specifications for True Pacific Producers, download the True Pacific Enterprise Code of Practice


Being a Licensed True Pacific Producer can open up a whole raft of opportunities, giving you access to expertise including:

  • Access to True Pacific’s network of contacts throughout the region to help you access the New Zealand – and eventually other – overseas distribution markets
  • Access to new distribution channels, working with our agents in New Zealand 
  • Access to expertise helping you to develop your product range
  • Assistance in refining your practices and systems
  • Best practice marketing advice and support


Becoming part of True Pacific means becoming part of a growing success story. To express your interest in becoming a True Pacific Producer, please complete the online form below. 

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